Impact  Advocacy  Services

Need help getting your voice heard? We can help you if you are unable to speak out for yourself.

Who is it for?

There are many people in our community who are ignored because they have difficulty in making their views heard. Impact Advocacy services help adults with learning difficulties, physical or sensory impairments or brain injuries to speak out and be heard.

What does it offer?

If you need help, an advocate will provide one-to-one support to give you a voice on issues important in your life and help you gain greater independence and control.

We can help you find out your rights and speak out on things such as where you live, your work, your children, your social relationships and money.

We can also help you make complaints and access health and social care services.

We also help self advocacy groups who work to give people a voice on issues such as leisure facilities or transport.

The service is independent, confidential and free.

Where is it?

Throughout West Sussex

Contact details

Dove Lodge
49 Beach Road
West Sussex
BN17 5JG

Rachel Calver 
Tel: 01903 730044
Fax: 01903 735958



West Sussex County Council


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“The advocate was fantastic and the only person to offer my carer and myself support.”

“Absolutely fabulous service many thanks for the help obtained.”

“John was very helpful in writing a professional letter to Crawley Borough Council the issue isn’t yet totally resolved but we are now half way there.”

“My advocate listened to me and helped me to find a perfect home with great services.”